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Technology Foundation Group has experience with projects both large and small providing clients with services including architecture, development, business strategy/planning, project management, advanced troubleshooting and training.

Below are a few examples of the engagements that Technology Foundation Group has been involved with.

Project Highlights

  • Lead systems architect on a multi-million dollar enterprise application project that included multiple back-office, internal and external facing components using .Net, ASP.Net, WPF, Silverlight, SSIS, SQL Server, Web Services, DB/2, IBM MQ, MSMQ, XML and XSLT. Solution earned client multiple industry awards including being ranked in the top 100 of the country’s most innovative IT organizations by Information Week.

  • Architected a software platform and software development kit for a secure portable computing device using Java, .Net, ASP.Net, SQL Server, PointBase (DBMS), SOAP and XMLRPC. The platform comprised three layers: 1) Portable Device (Linux based); 2) Device Host (Windows based); and 3) Server (Windows based) and included a biometric fingerprint sensor for security (authentication and authorization) and SD card for encrypted storage. The accompanying SDK allowed third-party developers to easily develop applications that targeted the platform and its rich features including an entity based database, presence services and AES encryption.

  • Developed a set of middle-tier web services (ASP.Net, C#) and database stored procedures (SQL Server, TSQL) that determines the appropriate software licensing SKU for a customer based on a set of input parameters and vendor specific business rules. The set of services was consumed by both Win Forms and ASP.Net clients which delivered a question and answer style wizard to the user to collect information that was then provided to the service infrastructure for evaluation.

  • Engaged to assist in the troubleshooting of an internal sales application that was used by thousands of sales representatives. Using advanced debugging techniques and tools such as WinDBG and Microsoft Debug Diagnostic Tool, in approximately eight (8) hours, was able to diagnose and identify the source of the application faults that had been plaguing the application and that the development team had been trying to resolve for over two (2) years. Continued to work with the internal team and third-party vendors to remediate the issues in their products resulting in application availability of 99.999% for an application that was previously faulting two (2) to three (3) times per day.

  • Following a SCRUM framework, led a team of developers, testers, project managers and business analysts/owners on an e-commerce project for a large enterprise client. Responsible for meeting with business teams to understand and define requirements, determine Level of Effort (LOE) and work with business to finalize deliverables. During the development, testing and deployment phases, responsible for defining work plans and ensuring teams were meeting objectives and timelines. After many failed projects with IT in the past, the successful deployment and adoption of the application helped to restore the relationship between IT and the business.

  • Performed a comprehensive application audit (performance, scalability, reliability, security, supportability) for a client trying to close a deal with the Los Angeles school district. On a very limited timeline, using various techniques including source code review, load testing tools and penetration testing, was able to complete the analysis and deliver reports that included recommendations that after successful adoption, led to the securing of the largest customer the client had to date.

  • Developed an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) application using BizTalk, SSIS, XML, XSLT, SOAP, Web Services and SQL Server to facilitate the import and export of data to/from several different sources/destinations. The tool was capable of responding to dynamic changes in the schema of input/output documents and able to process millions of records through multiple stages of transformation within minutes.

  • Engaged by and reporting to the Chief Information Security Officer, developed database security standards for the corporation and delivered Distributed System Data Access Security training to IT staff throughout the organization.