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Technology Foundation Group offers a range of services targeted at ensuring that clients build successful distributed system solutions that are highly supportable post-deployment.

System Architecture & Design

Based on your business requirements, budget, timeline and the skill set of your resources, we work with you to choose the proper technology platform stack and design high performing, scalable, reliable and supportable distributed systems to accomplish your objectives.

Development & Programming

With deep hands-on experience in .Net, ASP.Net, Win Forms, C#, Java, C/C++, SQL, Web Services, IIS, SQL Server and Oracle, we are able to develop your application and services to meet your business needs. We have experience writing applications for both Windows and Linux including desktop client applications, client-server applications, eCommerce/web applications, enterprise web services and everything in-between.

Leadership & Project/Team Management

Your ability to properly manage a project will ultimately determine whether or not your project is successful. Having experience in executive leadership (e.g. Chief Information Officer) and project/product management roles, we can provide your organization with the seasoned technology leadership it takes to ensure a positive outcome on your project. Along the way, we work with you to improve the overall dynamic within your teams and with your business partners.

Advanced Troubleshooting & Problem Isolation

Is your application slow? Crashing? Hanging or not responding? Our background and experience in debugging and performance/scalability analysis allows us to help clients solve the most complex problems within their applications. Using various techniques and tools such as system debuggers (e.g. WinDBG, CDB) and load testers (e.g. Mercury LoadRunner), we are able to identify the source of the issue(s), recommend steps for remediation and then continue to work with you until the problem is resolved.

Training & Education

Over the years, we have learned how to successfully build, deploy and support distributed systems. Pulling from this experience, we provide your organization with the techniques and tools to ensure that your technology initiatives are successful and remain a positive experience from start to finish. We offer training covering topics including software development best practices, system architecture, advanced debugging and problem isolation, release management and how to properly test your application for performance, scalability and reliability.